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Lady Florence
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Both Allen Gardiner and Lady Florence provide different and exciting experiences on Suffolk Rivers.

The vessels cruise the calm waters of the Rivers Orwell, Alde and Ore during which freshly-prepared wholesome foods are served, normally from an a la carte menu.
Both vessels are historic wooden World War 2 boats, so have the style, character and history of fine wooden ships.

The two rivers, although both in Suffolk, are as different as it is possible to imagine.

With Allen Gardiner having been converted by us after ten years’ experience with Lady Florence, she has a commercial catering galley, allowing menu choices not possible on
Lady Florence. And after ten years on Durban Harbour, the South African influence has introduced very different and unusual dishes.
At present, both vessels cater for a maximum of twelve passengers.
Both vessels operate all year round including Christmas Day, and the Allen Gardiner can operate after dark with a Candlelit Dinner cruise.

Both operations are boats and are restaurants, but there all similarity ends. Come and experience.
Allen Gardiner
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